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“Before I met Dr. Vilches, I would have said that I was in good health. I thought I had minor issues, but who doesn’t?  I went to her thinking I could get some relief for my lower back pain, frequent headaches, occasional migraines, and recurring joint pain from Lyme Disease. I had been to Neurologists, Rheumatologists, and other specialists, but nobody seemed to be able to offer any viable solution or relief.  What I got from my treatments with Dr. Vilches was beyond my expectations and more! Not only were all those things eradicated (I cannot tell you the last time I had a headache let alone a migraine!!), I also got SO much more from our sessions!!! Before her treatments, I had severe gastrointestinal complications; I couldn’t tolerate gluten, corn, and rice, just to name a few. There seemed to be almost nothing I could safely eat. For nearly a decade, I had been to several GI doctors.  Nothing worked and my condition worsened as time progressed, so I had given up all hope. I am happy to report that after just 9 short months with Dr. Vilches I can now eat anything I want safely and without any pain or illness! As a result of her treatments I also sleep better, have more energy, and a better understanding of my body and what it means to be in good health. I continue to see her regularly because I am constantly improving my body and feeling great while I do it!  I cannot say enough about how Dr. Vilches has changed my life for the better!  I am so grateful for all her hard work and what it has done for me!!”



"Dr. Carla Vilches is a true healer. I have found my work with her over the past year to be valuable in several ways, not just physically, but in a deeper more spiritual way. She is very knowledgeable but is also caring and treats the whole person. I recommend her without reservation to anyone who wants to have a healthier body and mental attitude toward life."



"I have been seeing Dr. Vilches for nearly two years.  Dr. Vilches was the first chiropractor I had ever seen and I was skeptical of how regular chiropractic care would benefit me, but after my treatments I was feeling better than I thought possible.  I love that Dr. Vilches takes a multi-disciplinary approach and looks to whether the cause of pain and discomfort could be something non-structural.  Working with Dr. Vilches has improved my nutrition as well.  Most notably I received frequent treatments from Dr. Vilches while I was pregnant with my first child.  As my body was changing and my weight shifting, Dr. Vilches was able to help ease my discomfort and keep me feeling healthy and energetic throughout my nine months.  I was fortunate enough to have an "easy" pregnancy and didn't experience morning sickness.  However, one day early in my third trimester I started vomiting out of nowhere.  This persisted for most of the day and I couldn't understand why because I didn't otherwise "feel sick".  I was able to see Dr. Vilches that night and after working on me the vomiting and nausea immediately subsided.  My little one has already started receiving regular treatments and after our visits I notice such a difference in him.  He is a very peaceful baby to begin with, but after getting treated by Dr. Vilches he seems more calm overall and sleeps great.  I couldn't imagine my life without chiropractic care in it now and I would highly recommend Dr. Vilches." 


"Dr. Carla Vilches is great! Originally I came in because a good friend of mine recommended her, not for any specific complaints.  But in my very first session with Dr. Carla, she addressed issues I hadn’t even mentioned to her- she does a version of applied kinesthesiology to suss out and treat any issues that ail.  Right away I started to feel relief from aches and pains that I thought were just a regular part of aging or being in a body and using it for years.  She also addressed other issues, like digestive issues, that were causing problems for me.  She’s a very insightful and knowledgeable doctor that uses many different modalities, (and she has a number of them that she uses to great effect), to help heal a person and bring them to their most optimal health – physically or otherwise.  She’s just a very thorough healthcare practitioner that genuinely cares about what she does and the people she treats.  

Honestly speaking, her technique is out of the box and sits a little bit outside of traditional Western medicine, but it’s the only thing that I’ve ever done that has produced real and tangible results.  I’ve now been going to her for years and I recommend her highly."    


"I started seeing this doctor initially for typical chiropractic care. I did not know what I was getting myself into! She performed full assessments to determine internal and external factors that contribute to not only my back issues, but other issues that I had been experiencing as well. She asks questions to understand the comprehensive well-being of her patients - whether it be headaches, sleep problems, or stomach/digestive issues, she helped! She uses nutritional therapy and muscle testing to balance the body and identify where it is naturally lacking in something essential and through these techniques, she helps to create a better quality of life. I told my husband (who suffered from anxiety and would take Xanax to help alleviate stress) all about her and although initially incredulous, he has now become a regular patient himself and a true believer in her skills, talents, and abilities! He no longer takes meds to deal with anxiety and has become much more calm and better able to handle stress."


"I started going to Dr. Carla a bit incredulous.  I had been to therapists on and off for the past 20 years for anxiety and had been on medicine for a few years as well.  I was not sure how a chiropractor could help as nothing else really had.   I went to Dr. Carla at the urging of my wife and good friend.  Boy was I wrong! She has changed my life. Since going to her for the past 2 months or so, I have had some of the best days I could remember in recent memory- days where I could enjoy it and not be stressed out or anxious.  I also no longer take Xanax and I no longer have stress headaches. I can now control my stress – something I have never been able to do until now. Truly a life changing experience." 

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